Support H.3909 today!

I recently joined the Palmetto Cycling Coalition (finally!), an organization that advocates for safer cycling and better infrastructure in our state. I was going to get a PCC ‘share the road’ license plate for my car, but then I ended up selling it altogether almost a year ago, so I figured the least I could do was become a member!

Chances are that your state has an organization like this, and that they are faced with a constant whack-a-mole battle of fighting insane legislation introduced by seriously misguided elected officials. Examples include South Dakota suggesting cyclists should dismount for passing cars and Missouri introducing an amendment that would require a 15 foot orange flag on bicycles (I actually just now fully digested that… Fifteen. Freakin. Feet. Cue circus music.)

Sadly, these are just a couple of examples of what our lawmakers in Congress like to spend their time doing. These laws are presented as a way to protect cyclists, but don’t be fooled. Making cycling more difficult makes it more unsafe. Period. 

The good news is, we also have wonderful advocacy organizations that make sure our rights to the road are protected. Take 5 minutes and join yours today.

And if you live in South Carolina, you can write your Senate rep and ask them to support positive legislation, such as H.3909, which defines e-assist bicycles, adds penalties for negligent operation of vehicles, and enforces stops for pedestrians at crosswalks.

Fight the good fight, and ride your bike!

Support H.3909 today!