Kickstart your bike commute

The bike poncho I contributed to on kickstarter should be shipped to me this week, just in time for me to find something else to anticipate getting in the mail (though hopefully this project will be a lot less complicated in production and should ship in the next month or so).

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 12.07.08 PM

I’ve been wanting something besides a top tube mounted tri bag forย my commuter bike, as I can envision myself using this bag for my keys, a breakfast bar, phone, sunglasses and gate remote. Having these things at hand prevents needing to stop and rummage around for them, and anything else I’m taking to work (papers, makeup bag, wallet, emergency items) I can just keep in my handy Mme Velo bag in the back.

This project is almost fully funded, and to be completely honest at the retail of $30 I’d consider just making my own version, so for the discount go ahead and check it out now! As soon as mine arrives I’ll be sure to test it out and share my thoughts!

Kickstart your bike commute