Speak up, legs

Sometimes I can be kind of morbid. I woke up this morning, stretched, and my first conscious thought of the day was “wow this feels good. I’m glad I’m alive, one day I will be dead and I won’t be able to enjoy things like stretching.”

Which some people might find depressing, but it’s true. They say two things in life are inevitable, death and taxes. But you might be Donald Trump, in which case you can avoid paying taxes, which just leaves death. So at least until we hit the singularity, one day you will die.

…That escalated quickly. Sorry if you just wanted some ideas for bike commuter clothes or helmet suggestions. Those are coming soon, I promise.

But I saw this video today and well, damn. We live in these fabulous bodies that can do such amazing things, and now the fourth leading cause of death is that we aren’t using them.

So the next time I’m suffering up a long hill, I’m going to try to swear less, feel the burn, and laugh at myself a little. I won’t say “shut up legs”, more like “I hear you, but I’m going to use you while I can. Also, there is beer at the end of this, so go a little faster please.”


Ok, I’m done. Carpe diem, y’all!



Speak up, legs