Happy New Gear

Because I do group rides with crazy people, we’re trying for 365 days of riding this year in 2017. Log at least 1 mile a day on Strava and be the last one standing for ultimate bragging rights (maybe by next year we’ll have worked out real prizes). And if you haven’t ridden yet today, you have just under 3 hours (EST) to join us!

Happy New Gear

One thought on “Happy New Gear

  1. […]   Also free, easy way to visualize habits that you want to build and it has a reminder feature that you can set for a certain time of day. I’ve tried a few similar apps but this one is my favorite because it’s so intuitive. I’m currently using it to remember to log at least 1 mile on Strava per day in 2017 (so far so good!) […]


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