(Bike) Storage wars

It took a full 6 weeks after moving in, but I finally got my bikes hung!

The front of my house has this kind of odd bonus room called a “keeping room” where the original porch was enclosed, and I knew it would be the perfect area for storing bikes. After years of apartment living and leaning the bikes against walls (which promptly scuffed said walls into oblivion), I could finally do something more functional!

A friend cut three 1×5 boards from some old door frames he had, and I screwed each one in at all 4 corners with an impact driver (after drilling guide holes or the wood will go splitsville). Then I drilled guide holes for the hooks with a larger drill bit and twisted the hooks in using all the upper body strength a cyclist can muster (which, relatively speaking, is not a lot).

I was originally going to hang two on the left and two on the right, but a) the paneling was more secure to drill into than the drywall on the left, which is doable if you’re better than me at finding studs, and b) I didn’t want to get tangled up in spokes whenever I went to retrieve a bike. So my road bike is hanging on the left with my commuter in front of it (it’s constantly in and out and usually has panniers on the back so it would be annoying to hang anyway). A guest bike that we won’t have to pull out too often is hanging behind A’s bike.

Next will be helmet and accessory storage, hopefully that won’t take another 6 weeks 🙂

(Bike) Storage wars

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