Slap happy

I’m not super into Black Friday shopping, but I did notice that Slap Bag is having a promo and it’s something I happen to use daily on my commuter bike, so I thought I’d give them a mention. If you’re looking for a gift for a cyclist friend/family member, or need something simple and well made to keep essentials at hand on your commute, it’s pretty darn useful.

Such as, for transporting flowers..

But most days I stash my keys, sunglasses, headphones, or whatever else I might want to keep handy vs. lose somewhere in the bottom of my pannier.


… Turns out I tend to take pictures of it when it happens to be full of flowers.


Other favored features: they’re super durable, easy to open/close with one hand, fit on various handlebars/frames, washable, made by a startup out of Colorado, and they now come in multiple colors.

You can get 20% off of 1, 25% off of 2-3, or 30% off of 4 with code BF2017.


* This post is not sponsored content; I’m just a big fan of stuff that makes bike commuting that much more enjoyable!

Slap happy