Cycling in (part of) Puerto Rico

Well I’m really glad I downloaded the Relive add on for Strava, because this video summary of my one short ride I did on my trip to Puerto Rico last month means I can easily post about the experience (I really will do a post on my Midwest trip, the amount of photos and details to sift through is just still really daunting and extreme-procrastination-inducing).



This was much more of a chill beach vacation versus a bike trip, but thankfully I was able to borrow a bike from the Marriott where we stayed the last 2 nights and get a quick ride in around Old San Juan (and of course I visited the cat sanctuary. More pictures in the aforementioned ride video and on my instagram).


While there was evidence of last year’s catastrophic hit from Hurricane Maria, tourism is quickly returning to the island. It was my first visit but I already want to return, but next time I’ll be signing up for or doing something like this trip with Adventure Cycling. While shuttling out to day excursions on the east coast for snorkeling and hiking in the rain forest, we saw many road and mountain bikes on the roads, and while the roads were narrow and certainly more for riders who are comfortable around cars, drivers appeared to be fairly used to and tolerant of sharing the road with cyclists.


We ended up following a lot of the pointers in this post from some of my favorite bloggers, although since we were in the busier season we opted for an Airbnb in Condado for most of the trip and didn’t go for Mosquito Bay since it was a full moon and the best time to see the bioluminescence is during a new moon. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing Old San Juan on foot, our day trips out to El Yunque and snorkeling in Culebra, and trying out all the wonderful food (#allthemofongo). If you go, let me know your favorite parts, because I definitely want to return!


Cycling in (part of) Puerto Rico