Favorite things: Quad Lock phone mount

One of the most frequent questions I get while riding is ‘what’s that thingy on your stem?’, so I figured I would post about how much I love my Quadlock phone mount.

(They were nice enough to give me a discount code to pass on to readers, so be sure to check the end of this post for details!)

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If you follow me on Instagram, then you know how much I love taking pictures of my bike while out riding. That’s probably my favorite thing about the Quadlock, because it allows me to keep my phone handy and easily detaches with one hand for snapping a quick picture, no fumbling in pockets or advanced bike handling skills required.


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I frequently switch bikes for different types of riding, and although it takes just a few seconds to switch the mount to another bike using the included rubber bands on the classic stem/bar mount version, I’ve found it easier to just have one ready to go on each bike (I have enough things to remember trying to get out the door!). This mount type also zip ties on easily should you lose/break/otherwise struggle with the rubber bands.


Recently I got to try out the Out Front mount designed for road cycling, and I’m really enjoying that one as well. The release is slightly different and took a little getting used to, but still easy to do one handed and this mount type provides a comfortable angle for viewing my phone screen when glancing down at Strava or using my phone while on the trainer (oh hey, winter riding). 

Unlike most phone mounts that keep your phone handy by stretching around it and hugging the edges, Quad Lock sells a phone case (or adhesive mount that you can stick to a regular phone case or just about any flat surface), which easily and securely locks on to a base that stays right on your stem.

Mine has been secure enough to stay put on rough terrain and weather (pre-iphone 7 models come with a removable clear cover to protect from rain), yet it’s easy to take on and off with one hand (which is quite handy for snapping pictures while riding, and convenient for commuters who are on and off their bike constantly). A couple of times I’ve found myself stuck without a front light, so just to stay street legal while getting home I just turned on the flashlight on my mounted phone as an improvised front light. I’ve also found that by keeping my phone accessible and securely mounted, I haven’t had the urge to go buy a Garmin or Wahoo since my Strava recording and navigation needs are well met.




If I had a magic wand, I would make the case available in more colors (celeste, anyone?), but that’s about all I could ask for. Like any phone mounting system, it’s more convenient to have one for each bike that you ride regularly, and upgrading your phone will mean changing out your case (I sell my old ones on ebay pretty easily). Given how much I use mine, I find the price to be totally worth it, and if you want 10% off, you can use code REBEL10 for 10% off (one time use per customer)! Thank me later – no really, if you’re a fellow QuadLock fan, let me know what you think!

Legal disclaimer stuff: QuadLock provided me two mounts to add to my collection in exchange for this product review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own. 

Favorite things: Quad Lock phone mount